Exchange volumes in trade

It’s time to touch on such an important topic as the use of volumes in trading. This is a powerful filter that allows you to weed out the vast majority of false signals and bring the win rate up to 80-90%. We have included this element in the SniperPro strategy and today I will acquaint you with it better.

What are exchange volumes?

Trade volume refers to the number of units of goods purchased per unit of time. In financial markets, volume is the number of shares or contracts traded over a given period of time. An increased volume may indicate both the presence of a major player and an increased activity of ordinary traders. The key thing about it is that it shows what price level is significant. It is highly likely that in the future this level will also attract the interest of traders. Please note that we are talking about exchange volumes, not tick volumes. The latter show not the traded number of contracts / shares, but the frequency of price changes per unit of time. MetaTrader does not have standard indicators for displaying exchange volumes. I recommend using either custom indicators to broadcast volumes directly to MT4, or view information in exchange terminals (QUIK, Thinkorswim, and others).

A couple of intermediate conclusions:

  • volumes should be perceived as a filter for entering the market;
  • they can be integrated into almost any trading strategy. They work especially well with graphical analysis. They are used both in building levels and directly in evaluating entry points.

As for the Sniper Pro strategy, this tool was introduced into it relatively recently. My colleagues and I were looking for ways to optimize trading, and so we came up with the idea of ​​using exchange volumes. Due to this, it was possible to increase the winrate to 90%.

If you still haven’t learned this strategy, now is the time to take the first step. To get started, I recommend following the link below, studying trade statistics, familiarizing yourself with examples of transactions, and then subscribing to a training course. In a couple of months you will be able to earn stable income.

What is the result of using volumes in trading

What is the result of using volumes in trading?

We will analyze examples of transactions later, but for now I will share the reports that our former students send. Their trading has not yet been called ideal, but deposits are growing, and this is the main thing.

Even during the studies we noticed a tendency to the most reliable trading. The same can be seen in independent trading:

  • in just a couple of days she was able to earn $ 505;
  • the maximum drawdown did not exceed 0.24%;
  • more than half of the total profit was given by one trade.

The next account is quite small, this graduate decided to start with a small deposit. There are few deals, but for a couple of trading days the result is not bad. Pay attention to the ratio of losses and earnings, they managed to earn $ 35.90 with losses of $ 4.05, that is, the ratio of loss to profit is 1 to 8.86.

Examples of entry points

Now it’s time to disassemble several entry points using volumes. For each lady, a brief explanation, a universal entry point was used, if you previously encountered a Sniper, you should know this model. For a change, we will give an example from an hourly chart. The fact that the bullish momentum is absorbing the bearish one suggests that the imbalance towards buying is greater than towards selling. This sets the direction of trade, and the entry point is obtained directly at the moment of testing the level of the bottom of the first impulse. Similar designs are found everywhere without exception. You will find them on the charts of currency pairs, stocks, oil, on the commodity market – the principle of work remains unchanged. If you want to achieve the same result as my students, I recommend signing up for a special course Sniper Pro. As part of the training, you will learn all the secrets of sniper trading and will be able to close 9 deals out of 10 with a profit. Follow the link below, get acquainted with the details and sign up for a special course.

After adding exchange volumes to the Sniper strategy, its efficiency increased. In particular, the winrate has increased, if earlier it was 70-80%, then with strict filtering of entry points with volumes it reaches 90 +%. This is the best proof that this tool improves trading. Volumes are universal and can be used in indicator trading systems as well. Even if the current winrate suits you, I recommend trying to filter the signals additionally – you will be surprised how much the result will improve.